..: Route 262 Skalice nad Svitavou - Velké Opatovice - Česká republika :..
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0 žst Skalice nad Svitavou (310m) [BK] 260 P|BFoursquare
5 žst Boskovice (370m) [BK] |BFoursquare
11 nz Knínice u Boskovic nz Not serviced (370m) [BK]B|  
14 žst Šebetov Not serviced (400m) [BK] |B 
16 žst Světlá u Boskovic Not serviced (405m) [BK] |B 
18 Cetkovice z Not serviced (390m) [BK] |B 
22 žst Velké Opatovice (375m) [BK]B| Foursquare
27 nz Jevíčko nz Not serviced (350m) [SY]B| Foursquare
29 Biskupice u Jevíčka z Not serviced (340m) [SY]B|  
32 žst Chornice Not serviced (320m) [SY] 017 306 |BFoursquare
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