..: Route 042 Martinice v Krkonoších - Rokytnice nad Jizerou - Česká republika :..
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0 žst Martinice v Krkonoších (485m) [SM] 040B| Foursquare
4 žst Jilemnice (465m) [SM] |BFoursquare
6 D3 Hrabačov Not serviced (430m) [SM]B| Foursquare
7 Víchová nad Jizerou z Not serviced (410m) [SM] |BFoursquare
9 Horní Sytová z Not serviced (390m) [SM]B|  
11 D3 Poniklá Not serviced (400m) [SM]B| Foursquare
13 Poniklá zastávka z Not serviced (415m) [SM] |B 
15 Jablonec nad Jizerou-Hradsko z Not serviced (435m) [SM] |B 
18 D3 Jablonec nad Jizerou Not serviced (445m) [SM] |BFoursquare
20 D3 Rokytnice nad Jizerou Not serviced (455m) [SM]B| Foursquare
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