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AEG DMU IC at Papadia bridgeMira thank you...The line will be abandoned for regular service when the work on Kallidromo tunel is completed..Also signaling,laying tracks and other things must be done after Killidromo work finish...
With all that in mind the line will be abandoned probably in 2013.We will see..;)
09.12.09 - 11:36
754.054-5It would be perfect if the stupid ugly graffiti's were missing..04.12.09 - 18:08
729.506-6Nice...I love those industrial train photos!04.12.09 - 18:06
Historic ALCO's A326 A325 with excursion trainNo I dont used any filter....If you see the nose of the loco is dark..The sun was in the opposite direction in this photostop..
It has two locomotives just for railfan's pleasure!;)
You can see my video of this excusion here:
03.12.09 - 15:15
RABDe 500 SBBFantastic shot!24.11.09 - 13:52
MAN dmu aproaches Xalkida@Petr Borženský thank you mate!22.11.09 - 13:59
Alstom PrimaDont mind!I will tell them that I'm a communist railfan from Greece..I thing they will allow me to take pictures then!hahah!:P20.11.09 - 23:58
Alstom PrimaI would like to steal one from China for OSE...I like it!:P20.11.09 - 23:21
Alstom PrimaThis prototype must be one of the new freight Locomotives for Chinese railways...I think..20.11.09 - 23:05
Alstom PrimaHehe!Sorry i wrote it wrong..:P
I don't find prety the first generation primas but this one is very good looking without the buffers and the other changes i see on it
20.11.09 - 20:36