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146.203-5At present, this route is not passable because of reconstruction, until December 2018.
Zur Zeit ist diese Strecke wegen Rekonstruktion nicht befahrbar, bis Dezember 2018.
29.10.18 - 12:00
363.171-0@Chary: Finally, put your pink red glasses off. You should also forget your prejudices.10.08.17 - 16:36
363.171-0@Jakub Gregor: You are right, this locomotive with these cars is always worth a photo. But those who criticize others should apply the same criteria and standards to themselves.10.08.17 - 15:16
363.171-0@Chary: What is it? Whoever criticizes here must also be able to tolerate criticism. If you see something different in the picture than I do, you might want to take off the pink glasses and look at this picture carefully.10.08.17 - 14:22
363.171-0Here is only the good will of the photographer, the whole train is not in the picture.
The train is cut off. This photo is not for publication. Therefore only a 1 *.
10.08.17 - 11:02
Telgártské zátišíOd roku 1974 jsem pracoval na různých stavědla, ale to je čistě nostalgie. Hezké, že tam je takový věc.
Since 1974 I have been working on various signal boxes, but this is pure nostalgia. Nice that there is still such a thing.
22.06.17 - 12:00
T 678.0012 + T 679.0019Super 5*****21.06.17 - 16:49
498.104 + 498.106Very nice photo. Albatros je vždy stojí za fotografie.
Very nice photo. The albatros is always worth a photo.
13.06.17 - 10:22
T 478.1148Geniale Atmosphäre !!!18.05.16 - 9:51
555.3008Steam engine with double deck is something special!
Parní stroj s dvoupodlažních je něco speciálního!
20.04.16 - 10:38